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Myly takes up the mantle of the stylings of designers such as Coco Chanel, who greatly popularized the use of faux jewelry in her years as a fashion designer, bringing costume jewelry to life with gold and faux pearls. Myly hand picks the most desirable and fashionable items that she would choose for herself and offers them to you for a great value. Each item is selected with great care and may not be offered up again.

Exciting News about your Purchases


Beauty by Myly is not a charity nor non-profit however, some proceeds from your purchase does go to help feed and clothe the less fortunate and infirmed, especially children diagnosed with cancer or other like illnesses, that can not offord to care or treatment for themselves in Vietnam. Myly has made direct arrangements with close friends that she can trust within Vietnam to ensure that the funds received go directly to those that truly need life's basics such as food, shelter, clothing, medicine and education. So we thank you for your purchases and should you wish to make any added contributions for this caus, please let Myly know how you would like to help.

Special Requests


If you have a special "style" in mind or would like to see certain kinds of offering in the store, please let Myly know. She's always on the lookout for styles that suit her clients needs and desires. Myly does not maintain a stock nor warehouse of inventory. The items sold here move very quickly, so please come back often each day to check the available selections so that you don't miss out on the incredible bargains that she has to offer!

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